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RFSI Application Submission Details

NOTE: The 2024 application period closed on March 15, 2024.  We will update this page if the applciaiton period opens again in the future. 

The 2024 Awardees will be announced August 2024.

Checklist of Required Steps and Documents:

  1. Register in
    1.  For assitance registering, see Registration Presentation
  2. State law requires entities to register and pre-qualify online with GATA before applying for a state grant.  Please verify that your organizaiton/entity is in good standing with GATA and has an account on the GATA Grantee Portal.
  3. Review the Helpful Documents listed below:
    1. Illinois RFSI Request for Applications
    2. USDA RFSI Program Scope
    3. USDA RFSI Terms and Conditions
  4. Fill out ONE application:
    1.  Illinois Resilient Food Systems Infrastructure Grant Application
    2. Illinois RFSI Equipment Only Grant Application
    3. Note: These PDF forms will not display in your internet browser. Once opened, download the file to your computer. Open the file from your downloads folder into Adobe Acrobat. If there is a yellow bar that appears at the top of the document, you may have to click the “Enable Content” button in order to edit the document. You can also right click the link above and select "save link as" from the drop down menu. Then open it using Adobe from the folder in which you saved the document. You may not be able to save your work if you do not have the file saved to your computer first. Please also see the "PDF Download and Open to Adobe Reader" link below in the helpful resources. 
  5. Fill out and attach Verification of Matching Funds Form per RFA guidelines
  6. Fill out and attach Critical Resource Infrastructure Form per RFA guidlines
  7. Attach The US Department of Treasury, Internal Revenue Service W-9 Form
  8. If applicable, attach organization/entity's NICRA form for negotiated indirect cost rate. 
  9. Email application and all attachments in ONE email to
    1. Application Window is January 22, 2024 through March 15, 2024 @11:59 pm CST.  All applications received outside of this window will be denied.