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Illinois Nursery Inspection Program

The nursery program inspection staff of the Illinois Department of Agriculture's Bureau of Environmental Programs inspects and certifies nearly 900 nurseries in Illinois each year.  These 900 nurseries are comprised of nearly 28,000 acres of nursery stock, 4,000 acres of Christmas trees, and 11,000 acres of sod.  Department inspection staff members also inspect and certify approximately 40 shipping greenhouses twice each year.  At present, nearly 4,200 nursery-stock-dealers are registered annually by the Department.  The inspection of these plants and plant products benefit both consumers and growers by ensuring pest-free plant stock. 

Also, certain nurseries and nursery dealers may be subject to additional state and federal restrictions.  These additional restrictions are a result of the establishment of state and federal quarantines or other regulatory actions due to the possible presence of specific insect pests or plant diseases.  Department staff members conduct special inspections and provide certifications regarding:

Please use the links below to get a listing of currently licensed nursery dealers and nurserymen: