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Agricultural Products Inspection

The Bureau of Agricultural Products Inspection administers the following programs:

The Bureau of Agricultural Products Inspection performs the following tasks:

  • Testing commercial feed, seed and fertilizer products to ensure their label guarantees are accurate.  
  • Examining seed samples for purity, noxious weed content, germination and suitability for distribution.
  • Analyzing seed quality for individual producers.
  • Certifying commercial feed products for export.
  • Conducting "Current Good Manufacturing Practices" inspections at feed manufacturing facilities.
  • Inspecting NH3 pressure vessels, facilities and systems for safety.
  • Reviewing the labels of feed, fertilizer, seed and soil amendments for compliance with applicable state and federal laws.
  • Promoting fertilizer research through the Illinois Nutrient Research & Education Council (NREC).
  • Testing Limestone: Illinois Association of Aggregate Producers.
  • Registering feed, fertilizer and soil amendment products.
  • Ensuring Seed Variety Protection.
  • Licensing Fertilizer and Commercial Feed Facilities.
  • Issuing Illinois Agriculture and Vegetable Seed Permits.

USAPlants manages records for the bureau's feed, seed and fertilizer programs. 

Once registered with USAPlants in Illinois(USAPlants Registration and Account Instructions), all licensed companies  will be able to view their:

  • License Status
  • Product Registrations (if applicable)
  • Tonnage Reports (if applicable)
  • Payment History

Fertilizer companies can use USAPlants to enter their monthly tonnage reports online.  All licensed companies can use it to report changes to their contact information, physical location or mailing address.