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Logo Programs Branding Assistance

The Illinois Department of Agriculture supports the Illinois Product Program and the Homegrown by Heroes Program. Each program features a logo assisting consumer identification of program participants. Program participants also have the opportunity to be featured in the agency's database and to participate in the agencies events.

Since 1987, the Illinois Department of Agriculture's (IDOA) Illinois Product Logo Program has been a constant symbol identifying Illinois products in various retail establishments -- from major grocery stores to local community farmers markets. This registered trademark is available to any Illinois food or agribusiness-related company. The use of the Illinois Product Logo Program can help increase your company's visibility and your product's positioning within the market.

The Illinois Department of Agriculture (IDOA) is aiding veterans or current active duty service members who are interested in a second career in our state’s number one industry, agriculture. The Homegrown by Heroes program allows Illinois farmers, ranchers, fishermen and producers who have served or are still serving in any branch of the U.S. military to use a special logo on the agricultural products they sell to the public. This special designation sets these farmers apart in the market, allowing these heroes' products to be visible to consumers while giving them the chance to tell their story.