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Agricultural Impact Mitigation Agreements

​​The Bureau of Land and Water Resources (BLWR) works with the various utility companies on projects (i.e., wind farms, pipelines and electric transmission lines) that impact agricultural land. Under this effort, the BLWR negotiates an Agricultural Impact Mitigation Agreement (AIMA) with utility companies to ensure that the land affected by those projects is restored to its pre-construction capabilities. 

These documents help landowners to mitigate the many agricultural impacts that result from the construction of large cross-country oil/natural gas pipelines, electric transmission lines and wind farm projects. A copy of the executed AIMA is also provided to landowners to assist them in their negotiations with utility companies on their individual easement agreements. Wind Farm AIMAs are developed under the Wind Energy Facilities Agricultural Impact Mitigation Act.

AIMAs focus on the restoration aspect of impacts that result from major utility projects being constructed across a landowner’s productive farmland. AIMAs are negotiated with the various utility companies prior to any construction in order to protect landowner’s interests and address problems that result from the project’s construction and/or subsequent restoration.


Wind Farms


Electric Lines