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Please refer to the following publications for information:

A Regulatory Guide for the Cottage Industry

Annual Reports​

We are pleased to present the Illinois Department of Agriculture annual report, which provides a summary of the Department's regulatory responsibilities, programs, and activities for the following fiscal years:

​Customer Service Surveys​

The Illinois Department of Agriculture (IDOA) is committed to delivering exceptional customer service to the people of Illinois.  In an effort to improve our quality of service, we conduct a number of Customer Service Surveys.  With those projects we ask our customers to share their opinions of the Illinois Department of Agriculture staff and services.  The results are used to improve customer service and effectiveness of the IDOA.

Surveys were conducted for four​ Bureaus and questionnaires were mailed out in August of the survey year.  Responses were reviewed and tabulated by staff of the National Agricultural Statistics Service.

2017 List of Bureaus and sample sizes:

2016 List of Bureaus and sample sizes:

2015 List of Bureaus and sample sizes:​