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The department administers several programs to promote livestock health and prevent, detect, control and eradicate livestock diseases. Department staff also regulate livestock auction markets and dealers, animal transportation, and livestock branding and oversee the proper disposal of dead animals and inedible animal products. The agency administers regulations concerning animal care and control. It promotes proper care of pets and livestock through licensure and inspection of pet shop operators, dog dealers, kennel operators, cat and dog breeders, animal control facilities, animal shelters, day care operators, guard dog services and horse rescues. 

The Illinois Bees and Apiaries Program is designed to assist beekeepers throughout Illinois with the management and protection of honeybee colonies.

A listing of the various businesses that are licensed by the Illinois Department of Agriculture.

The Livestock Management Facilities Act protects your right as a citizen to a safe, clean environment as well as the right of livestock farmers to earn a living. It concludes animal agriculture is important to Illinois' economy and should be maintained, but farmers have a responsibility to be good neighbors.

The Bureau of Meat and Poultry Inspection is responsible for administration of the Meat and Poultry Inspection Act which protects the consumer in relation to wholesomeness, deceptive advertising and proper labeling of meat and poultry products.