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Success Stories

Bureau of Marketing & Promotions

Midwest Buyers Mission Helps Illinois Company Make First-Time Export Sale of Cheese to China:

Dutch Farms, located in Chicago, Illinois, in the 2nd Congressional District, 34th House District, and 17th Senate District, participated in the Food Export-Midwest/IL. Dept. of Agriculture sponsored 2009 Midwest Buyers Mission, where they had the opportunity to meet one-on-one with international buyers and made a first-time export sale of cheese to Beijing, China. 

Online Product Catalog Helps Illinois Fishery Export Caviar to Sweden:

Schafer Fisheries, located in Thompson, Illinois, in the 16th Congressional District, 71st House District, and 36th Senate District, listed their products in Food Export-Midwest's Online Product Catalog. As a result, in 2010 they landed a new export sale to Sweden for their herring and white fish roe totaling $120,000.

Branded Program Helps Illinois Company Reach $2 Million in Export Sales:

Distinctive Foods, located in Wheeling, Illinois, from the 10th Congressional District, 53rd House District, and 27th Senate District, takes advantage of Food Export-Midwest's 50 percent cost-share Branded Program by working with the IL Dept. of Agriculture to expand their export business. Distinctive Foods manufactures a line of baked goods and dough enrobed sausages. For the past three years, the company has received funding through the Branded Program to help with the cost of exhibiting at the international tradeshows.

Midwest Buyers Mission Helps Snack Company Break Into New Market in July 2008:

Anton-Argires, Inc., located in Alsip, IL from the 1st Congressional District, 35th House District, and 18th Senate District, participated in Food Export-Midwest's / IL Dept. of Agriculture sponsored Midwest Buyers Mission. The Mission included one-on-one meetings between U.S. suppliers and foreign buyers to help build business relationships and, ultimately, generate new export sales for their line of packaged nuts and snacks.  

During the Mission, the company met with international buyers from seven countries and established one new distributorship to the Caribbean. As a result of the meetings, Anton-Argires generated new actual export sales to Vietnam totaling $16,000. This marked the company's first sale to Southeast Asia.

Evanger's Dog & Cat Food Company, Inc. of Wheeling, IL, in the 10th Congressional District 59th House District and 30th Senate District, utilizes Branded Program funds to advertise their products in international markets. As a result their advertising in Germany, Canada and Poland, the company has been able to increase their export sales 5-10%. The company also uses the Branded Program to exhibit at international tradeshows to make contacts with buyers.