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Bureau of Meat & Poultry

"Meat broker", "poultry broker", or "meat and poultry broker" "means any person, firm or corporation, engaged in the business of buying, negotiating for purchase of, handling or taking possession of, or selling meat or poultry products on commission or otherwise purchasing or selling of such articles other than for the person's own account in their original containers without changing the character of the products in any way. A broker shall not possess any processing equipment in his or her licensed facility".

To become a broker, anMPI Broker License Application.pdf form must be completed and sent to the Springfield Office along with the $50.00 application fee. The check should be made payable to the Illinois Department of Agriculture, Bureau of Meat and Poultry Inspection. 

For more information on how to become a licensed Illinois Meat and/or Poultry plant, please contact:

Illinois Department of Agriculture
Bureau of Meat and Poultry Inspection
State Fairgrounds, P.O. Box 19281
Springfield, Illinois 62794-9281
Telephone: 217/782-6684.