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Construction/Remodeling Guidelines

Bureau of Meat & Poultry

In an effort to move from an identify and command-based meat and poultry inspection program, to a science-based system, the Illinois Department of Agriculture is now using the references from the Code of Federal Regulations 9 CFR 200 Part 416.1 through 416.5 as a guideline for new plant construction and renovation projects.

The Code of Federal Regulations 9 CFR 200 Part 416.1 through 416.5, while granting new flexibility in construction and design, places the responsibility in the hands of the owner/operator to show that the building design and building materials used in a licensed plant are conducive to the production of wholesome meat food product(s), free of contamination and/or adulteration.

  • Raw manufacturing meat product and other product components must flow progressively through the plant from the most potentially hazardous area(s) to the least potentially hazardous area(s).
  • All building materials used on ceilings, walls and floors must be smooth, hard surfaced, easily cleanable, moisture impervious, and free of rust, splinters, etc. Painted surfaces are not recommended, but in the event that they are used, they must be free of any/all problems commonly associated with painted surfaces, such as peeling, flaking, chipping, bliste

    ring, etc.

  • Floors must be sufficiently drained to preclude standing water.
  • Lighting must be of sufficient intensity for the procedures performed in each area.
  • Water, both hot and cold, must be furnished from conveniently located outlets in sufficient volume and temperature for the volume and scope of product production.
  • Airflow must be designed so as to control potentially dangerous air-borne particulate contamination and maintain room temperature(s) within acceptable limits.
  • Doors must be of sufficient height and width to allow product(s) to pass through without contamination or adulteration occurring.
  • P

    roperly lighted, adequately heated/ventilated office space must be provided for program employees. Preferably, the program office space shall not be located within the plant's office. Minimum furnishings should be provided, including a desk, a chair, and/or a lockable filing cabinet.

  • Professionally prepared drawings are helpful, but not required. However, drawings, specification sheets, and plot plans must be drawn to standards of professional quality.
  • Drawings, specification

    sheets, material lists and plot plans must be submitted in triplicate form to the Illinois Department of Agriculture, Bureau of Meat and Poultry Inspection, State Fairgrounds, P.O. Box 19281, Springfield, Illinois 62794-9281.

  • All drawings, specification sheets, material lists and plot plans MUST BE APPROVED PRIOR TO START UP of any remodeling and/or new construction work.

Upon completion of all the construction/remodeling projects, a review must be scheduled with the Regional Administrator of your area. The Bureau Chief, or his designee, and the Regional Administrator must complete a walk-through review before final approval of your project is granted.