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The goal of the Bureau of Meat and Poultry, Compliance Section, is to ensure that safe, wholesome, unadulterated products are delivered into commerce.

The Illinois Department of Agricutlure, Bureau of Meat and Poultry Inspection, Compliance Section works closely with both Federal and Local authorities to ensure that all food found in commerce is safe, wholesome and unadulterated.

Compliance handles consumer complaints regarding food products found in commerce.

Click here to file a complaint with Illinois Department Of Agriculture, Bureau of Meat & Poultry Inspection, Compliance Section regarding meat and/or poultry products.

The Compliance Section follows several Acts that grant the authority to perform a variety of duties as related to food safety (including but not limited to):

IL Meat & Poultry Inspection Act

IL Refrigerated Warehouse Act

Federal Meat Inspection Act

Federal Poultry Products Inspection Act