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Pesticide Clean Sweep Program

The Illinois Department of Agriculture, in cooperation with the Illinois Department of Public Health and with funding from the US EPA, annually conducts agricultural/structural pesticide clean sweep program collections for the residents of various counties in the state, depending on the availability of funds. Local sponsors usually included county Farm Bureau offices, University of Illinois Extension offices and Soil and Water Conservation District offices. All chemicals collected during this program are registered with the Department prior to the actual collection date. By pre-registering the products, the Department is able to determine which products were eligible for collection. The majority of products turned away from past collections were not pesticides. 

​​These items included crop oil, surfactants, stickers, foaming agents, etc. Waste pesticides are usually collected from 8:30 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. The costs for the collections are paid for through a grant from the US EPA. Since the inception of the program in 1990, the Department has held more than 54 collection events throughout the state and has collected more than 662,5167 lbs of material from approximately 2,301 participants.

2024 Clean Sweep

A “Clean Sweep” collection has been scheduled in late summer for Bureau, Carroll, Henry, JoDaviess, Lasalle, Lee, Ogle, Rock Island, Stephenson, Whiteside and Winnebago Counties, IDOA announced today. The collection, which rotates among Illinois counties, is open to farmers, retired farmers, nursery owners, private pesticide applicators, structural pest control applicators and landowners who inherited unwanted agricultural pesticides with their property.

“There are two main reasons to take advantage of this program,” said Brad Beaver, Bureau Chief of Environmental Programs. “The Department is able to provide the service free of charge thanks to a grant obtained from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.  If individuals were to properly dispose of agrichemicals on their own, it could be expensive. Secondly, the state of Illinois, not the program participant, will assume liability for the proper disposal of all materials collected.” 

Participants must register the products they plan to dispose of by Wednesday, July 26.  Registration is required to give the waste disposal contractor time to prepare for the different kinds of materials that will need to be handled.  Forms can be obtained either by calling the Illinois Department of Agriculture’s Pesticide Hotline at 1-800-641-3934 or by visiting one of the program sponsors listed below. Completed forms should be mailed or faxed to the Illinois Department of Agriculture. Completed forms should be mailed or faxed to the Illinois Department of Agriculture.  The mailing address is: 

Completed forms should be mailed or faxed to the Illinois Department of Agriculture. The mailing address is:  

Clean Sweep Program,
Illinois Department of Agriculture
Bureau of Environmental Programs
State Fairgrounds,  P.O. Box 19281
Springfield, IL, 62794-9281

The fax number is (217) 524-4882.  Participants then will be sent a reservation card indicating the date, time and location of their collection. 

2024 Clean Sweep Sponsors:


Clean Sweep Sponsors


Bureau - Co. SWCD
312 E. Backbone Rd.
Princeton, Il 61356
Bureau - Univ. Of IL Ext.}
850 Thompson St,
Becker Professional Suite
Princeton, Il 61356
Bureau Farm Bureau
1407 N Main St   
Princeton, Il 61356
Carroll Farm Bureau
811 South Clay Street   
Mount Carroll, Il 61053
Carroll - Univ. Of IL Ext.
642 S East Street
Mt. Carroll, Il 61053
Carroll - Co. SWCD
807c S. Clay St.My.
Carroll, Il 61053
Henry Farm Bureau
128 N Prospect St   
Cambridge, Il 61238
Henry - Co. SWCD
301 East North St-P O Box 162
Cambridge, Il 61238
Henry - Univ. Of IL Ext.
358 Front Street
Galva, Il 61434
Jodaviess Farm Bureau
212 N Main St Po Box 501
Elizabeth, Il 61028
Jodaviess - Co. SWCD
227 N Main St. - Po Box 502
Elizabeth, Il 61028
Jodaviess - Univ. Of IL Ext.
204 Vine, Po Box 600
Elizabeth, Il 61028
Lasalle - Univ. Of IL Ext.
815 North Orlando Smith R Rm C223
Oglesby, Il 61348

Lasalle - Univ. Of IL Ext.
1689 North 31st Road, Suite 2
Oglesby, Il 61348


Lasalle Farm Bureau
4201 Columbus St
Ottawa, Il 61350

Lasalle - Co. SWCD
1691 N. 31st Rd.
Ottawa, Il 61350


Lee Farm Bureau
37 S East Ave Po Box 198
Amboy, Il 61310


Lee - Co. SWCD
319 S. Mason Ave.
Amboy, Il 61310
Lee - Univ. Of IL Ext.
280 W Wasson Rd
Amboy, Il 61310
Ogle - Univ. Of IL Ext.
421 W Pines Rd. Suite 10
Oregon, Il 61061
Ogle - Co. SWCD
213 W. Pines Rd.
Oregon, Il 61061
Ogle Farm Bureau
421 W Pines Rd Ste 8 Po Box 195
Oregon, Il 61061
Rock Island - Univ. Of IL Ext.
321 W 2nd Avenue   
Milan, Il 61264
Rock Island Farm Bureau
1601 52nd Ave Ste 3
Moline, Il 61265
Rock Island Farm Bureau
1601 52nd Ave Ste 3   
Moline, Il 61265
Rock Island - Co. SWCD
3020 1st Ave. E.
Milan, Il 61264
Stephenson - Univ. Of IL Ext. 2998 W Pearl City Rd   
Freeport, Il 61032
Stephenson - Co. SWCD
1620 S. Galena Ave.   
Freeport, Il 61032
Stephenson Farm Bureau
210 W. Spring St.
Freeport, Il 61032
Whiteside - Univ. Of IL Ext.
12923 Lawrence Road   
Sterling, Il 61081
Whiteside Farm Bureau
100 E Knox St
Morrison, Il 61270

Whiteside - Co. SWCD
400 Wilkens Drive
Morrison, Il 61270


Winnebago - Co. SWCD
4833 Owen Center Rd.
Rockford, Il 61101
Winnebago Farm Bureau
1925 S Meridian Rd
Rockford, Il 61102

Winnebago - Univ. Of IL Ext.
1040 North Second Street
Rockford, Il 61107