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Warehouse Bureau Contacts

The following is a list of various topics for which you might contact our Bureau and the name of the Bureau staff specialists responsible for that particular area:

Grain Warehouse/Dealer

  • Grain Dealer and Grain Warehouse Licensing & Renewals - David Gleason
  • Financial Statement Review - David Gleason
  • Amending Warehouse Licensed Capacity - David Gleason
  • Temporary Storage Approval/Extensions - David Gleason
  • Emergency Storage Approval - David Gleason
  • Grain Dealer/Warehouse Exam Questions - David Gleason
  • Speculation Limits - David Gleason
  • Daily Position Record - David Gleason
  • Long/Short Position Record - David Gleason
  • Lost Warehouse Receipts - David Gleason
  • Schedule of Rates - Robin Knoepfle
  • Grain Insurance Fund - Joe Small

Agricultural Cooperative

  • Act/Filing - Robin Knoepfle

Staff E-mail Addresses and Telephone #'s

Mailing Address:

Illinois Department of Agriculture
Bureau of Warehouses
P.O. Box 19281
Springfield, IL 62794-9281

Overnight Delivery Address:

Illinois Department of Agriculture
Bureau of Warehouses
801 E. Sangamon Avenue
Springfield, IL 62702

Phone: 217.782.2895
TDD/TTY: 866.287.2999
Facsimile #: 217.524.7801

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