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Illinois Product Events

Illinois Product Events connect local food companies with dedicated buy-local consumers.

From specialty cheeses, noodles, salsa, spices, rubs, sauces, seasonings, Illinois wine and beer, pizza, beef, pork, amazing cakes and breads to lip balm, honey, salad dressings – Illinois Product Events are the most delicious way to support Illinois' local food businesses.

If each of the 4.7 million Illinois households dedicates just $10 per week to the purchase of Illinois products, more than $47 MILLION would be generated for the Illinois economy in one week! Purchasing Illinois products provides a tremendous boost to local Illinois companies – many of which are owned by your friends and neighbors.

Upcoming Events

Artisans Market at the Illinois State Fair


Stay tuned for details of the 2023 Illinois State Fair.
Illinois State Fairgrounds | Springfield, IL


Click to view the required Artisan Market vendor training video.